If faces could sell real sourdough then this amazing ‘bursting at the seams’ smile from Charlotte would do the trick! I have not seen anyone more ecstatic holding their sourdoughs, have you?

Charlotte is originally from the Netherlands where sourdough is readily available. Good bread, without any preservatives or additives, is taken for granted. When she moved to the UK, Charlotte found real bread with relative ease in London. However, she has struggled to source real bread since moving to Leicester.

Charlotte recognises the falsely labelled sourdoughs in supermarkets and larger stores. You will see the ingredient list contain dry yeast, therefore cannot be naturally fermented. We had a great conversation about bread. It was so nice to find someone on the same wavelength as us, and we’re so pleased how happy she is with the loaves.

Charlotte picked up her loaves from the Leicester Coffee House Company on Granby Street. They also use our sourdoughs to make delicious open face sandwiches. Enjoy them with a home-roasted coffee!