I want real sourdough!

We have launched a crowdfunder campaign so we can expand the bakery and bring real sourdough bread to the whole of Leicestershire and Rutland. We want to offer the community sourdough classes and workshops and spread the joy of artisan baking to everyone we meet! If you enjoy local, fresh produce on your table every day then this is the campaign for you. We support lots of local cafes, delis and restaurants and we want you to be able to enjoy our bread wherever you are based.

Why we knead your support!

Our Crowdfunder Campaign (click here)

Our local community has been incredibly supportive of us from the beginning. From baking 5 loaves a week less than a year ago, we are now baking close to 1,000 loaves per month. We gave up our old lives, gained our 5* kitchen inspection rating and started reaching out to find our customers. We now supply sourdough to over 10 local cafes and a deli.

Now we want to bring you even more real sourdough that is made with 100% self fermentation. To do this we need to move out of our own kitchen and into a business unit with a bigger oven and larger capacity.