A true story for Sourdough September

Due to my husband Lance (who is the sourdough baker at Bisbrooke Artisans) undergoing a back surgery at end of July, the baking in most of August came to a standstill.

Although he tried to resume baking we found it was a challenge for him to stay standing for long periods of time plus of course the stress on his back meant he was restricted in some of his usual movements. Especially lifting and mixing large amounts of dough. Hence he only made one or two loaves a week.

We didn’t want to miss out on highlighting the benefits of Sourdough September.

So what’s wonderful is that my daughter Georgia came to the rescue and said she wanted to learn how to make sourdough. Lance taught her the 48 hour long process that we use to make our sourdoughs and Georgia not only absorbed all these new skills in a few days but also used her drawing skills in the way she scored certain designs onto the sourdoughs.

Georgia has worked hard and learnt fast by working under Lance’s watchful eye. The breads that have been baked are consistent in quality and flavour.

I am sharing this story for Sourdough September because I hope it inspires others to learn to bake sourdoughs. This is also at the heart a beautiful story of how bread brings us together. My daughter saw the distress and stresses Lance was under and of course the need to get our breads out to all our customers and businesses.
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Grateful and thankful we are now back to baking and also with Hass’s help too (Georgia’s boyfriend who is a chef) together we will get back on track.