It’s hard to believe that Bisbrooke Artisans has only been in existence for a year, and already we have had to add a page for awards to our website.

The support we have received from friends, family and our customer on our sourdough journey has been absolutely incredible. Most notably, of course, during our crowdfunding campaign which closed last month. But also in a hundred other smaller ways. We get wonderful feedback from people who have enjoyed our bread. We share great conversations with other passionate small business owners. There is really a community that has built up around our breads.

Bisbrooke Artisan sourdough

Now our journey includes a range of award nominations. Ami has been selected as one of three finalists in the Rising Star category at the Leicestershire Live Women in Business Awards 2019. This is the result of being nominated by the public and is a very rigorous judging process. Ami will even be featured in a small video that will be used to promote the awards and introduce the finalists at the Award Ceremony on 26th September 2019. Fingers crossed for her, although it is such an achievement just to be recognised as a finalist that it feels like it is definitely the taking part and not the winning that is important.

Later in the year, the Great Food Club awards will be announced. Bisbrooke Artisans are one of a number of finalists in the Best Bakery category, with a special award available for best sourdough. This is a very special nomination. The Great Food Club members were asked to pick their champion food business. So out of every restaurant, food producer, bakery and other food business in the region, they choose us. It’s a real boost to us to know that people really believe in our breads.

Ami Bisbrooke Artisans
Ami has had headshots taken for the Women in Business Awards

Meanwhile, the hard work continues as Lance recovers from his operation and Georgia is helping with baking the sourdough breads. We are looking at potential premises to move to and sourcing new-to-us ovens which will help us to build capacity and deliver the rewards to our amazing sourdough supporters from the crowdfunding campaign. There is truly never a dull moment!