We wanted to keep you posted about how things are going here at Bisbrooke Artisans. Lance continues his recovery from surgery and is slowly growing stronger and returning to baking. Meanwhile, my daughter Georgia and her partner Hass are pitching in and helping to support us with the sourdough production.

Last night was an incredible night for me – I was awarded a certificate for being named one of the top three Rising Stars in the region at the Women in Business Awards. A humbling experience, and one I am very proud of.

And of course, behind all of this, we are continuing to work on the expansion of Bisbrooke Artisans, made possible thanks to all of the generous donations to our Crowdfunder project. We are continuing the search for a new premises. We have our eye on something very special, so fingers crossed we can make it work. We anticipate it will take us a few months to make ready a new venue, source our larger oven and get things ready in the new, bigger Bisbrooke Artisans bakery.

Once we are on our feet, a Wall of Thanks will be put up to commemorate all of our wonderful sponsors. The loaves, sourdough workshops and community workshops that people choose as rewards will also be made available.

Bisbrooke Artisan tote bags have been designed and are in the production process. All being well, we anticipate it should just be a few weeks until we can start passing them out to those that choose them as a reward. For those that didn’t, we should have some left over for sale. Just drop us an email on [email protected] if you’d like to buy one.

Hopefully that gives you a good idea of the exciting place our small cottage industry is in at the moment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and thank you once again for supporting the rise of a sourdough empire!