Beer Sourdough

With Sourdough September being over and distinct Autumnal moods in the air, it’s time to warm us up with a little tipple.

Our new loaves are a collaboration with U2 beer brewed locally here at The Falcon Hotel in Uppingham.
Lance has been adjusting and readjusting our recipe to make a beer sourdough and at last he feels it’s where it needs to be. 

There is still some time changes to try with the process. But the texture is beautiful and soft. It is a demerara sugar in colour and finished with some organic oats on top. It would actually go well with a glass of beer 🍺 and a good Ploughman’s.

I enjoyed it toasted with waves of apricot jam and slices of fresh nectarine. A handful of loaves have been delivered to the Falcon Hotel. Please enquire at the reception for more information. And more will be made available soon exclusively at The Falcon Hotel. The collaboratio and experimentation continues!