As the seasons change, our tastebuds crave different tastes and textures. This time of year is all about comfort food, feeling warmed and nourished by good food shared with family and friends. As we are doing a lot of Christmas fairs at the moment, bringing our sourdoughs to a whole new audience, Lance is also taking the opportunity to experiment with flavour and bring new products for our customers to enjoy.

Our new range includes chocolate, walnut & pistachio, jalapeno, olive & feta, crystallised ginger & sesame as well as coffee sourdough. Phew – it is rather a lot when you write it down!

The coffee sourdough was a big hit at Uppingham yesterday. It is rich and dark and really screams ‘mood’ – a very adult friendly, evening supper kind of sourdough. We grind fresh coffee beans ourselves to add to this new recipe.

How would you top yours?  Sweet with melted chocolate and orange zest? Or perhaps  playing with the bitterness by adding a spicy potato mix on top of this bread toasted?

There is such a world of possibility available with sourdough baking and cooking!