Lance & Ami run a micro-bakery from their kitchen in Bisbrooke, Rutland. This is Ami speaking!! Lance gave up a career in IT and I took early retirement from teaching to follow our passion for real sourdough in 2018.

The ingredients for our gut-friendly breads are locally sourced. The artisan processes of fermentation, proofing, rounding, shaping and retarding the bread takes 31-36 hours. Only when these stages are right can it be baked. Knowing every stage has been done correctly is where the baker’s skill is crucial.

In 2019 we undertook a successful Crowdfunder project to raise money to expand our tiny cottage bakery. Now in 2020 we have completed the work and have moved into our new facility.  We have won and been nominated for awards and continually refine our collaborations with other local businesses.



We just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge everyone who supported our Crowdfunder campaign. It's been a real whirlwind,…

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