Our sourdoughs take 36 hours to make from beginning to end. We are 100% sourdough and so we use no dry yeast. Bisbrooke Artisan breads are organic and we believe they have just the right balance of sour and chew!

Delicious lightly toasted with a range of savoury or sweet toppings. Our sourdoughs also freeze well and stay fresh up to 8-10 days. There’s something amazing about buying a freshly baked sourdough loaf. And you can’t wait to get it home and tuck into it.

Even more magical is giving a loaf of bread as a gift to someone you love. Prices start at £3.50 for our 1kg flagship loaf The Village Sourdough. It is unbeatable value for a truly artisan gift baked with love.

 All our sourdoughs are vegan, organic and include the ingredientsin the Village loaf plus their respective flavours as detailed below. We ensure a good chew and choose a more balanced flavour of sour so that a variety of flavours and toppings can be added.  We recommend that our sourdoughs are lightly toasted as this brings out the flavour and keeps it mois

Retail Prices and Ingredients

1: The Village Sourdough : £3.50
~white stone ground flour, ~wholemeal flour,
~Pink Himalayan salt

2: Charcoal & Caraway Sourdough: £4.50
~organic charcoal from coconut husks

3: Turmeric and Fennel Sourdough: £4.50
~ turmeric
~ fennel

4: Toasted Black and White Sesame Sourdoughs (seeded all way through) £4.50
~ toasted Black & White sesame seeds

5: Omega 3 Sourdough (a selection of seeds rich in omega 3 oils all way through)£4.50
~ Omega 3 mix seeds- Sesame, flax, sunflower & pumpkin

6: Coffee and Cacao £5.00
~ espresso beans
~ Cacao

Coming soon :
Coffee & Cacao ~ Ginger and Sesame ~ Rye Sourdough, Lavender & Honey ~ Orange & Cacao Jaffa Sourdough
Lance enjoys experimenting with flavours!

brunch with Bisbrooke artisans bread at 100&six